Month: April 2021

Is We Dumb? | Buffalo. Buffalo. Buffalo. Pipe Bomb.

If you’re looking for a believable excuse to get out of work, don’t pretend you were kidnapped and proceed to tell police it was because your dad buried a bunch of money in the desert. Let’s talk about that, why we need to dial back gender reveal party explosives, the cutest puppy wearing an IWD…

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Is We Dumb? | Shrimp Toss. Idaho. Pullet Surprise. Clogs.

Do you ever think about how a quality control department at toilet paper factory rates their products? You will now. Let’s talk about that, a restaurant owner that fires back HARD at one-star reviews, getting caught pretending you’re pregnant, gluing clogs to a bird’s face, and more on today’s episode of Is We Dumb?! New…

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