Month: June 2021

Is We Dumb? | Photoshop. Lips. Lawn Mower. Mike Tyson.

Quick question. When you owe someone a little money, have you ever considered making and selling bombs in order to payoff your debt? We didn’t think so. Let’s talk about that, getting your ass kicked by Mike Tyson, what in heck Michelle Branch has been up to, how much lube is too much lube, and…

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Is We Dumb? | Beef Jerky. Whale. Dishwasher. Swamp Thing.

Would you attend church more often if they offered various flavors of communion wafers and dipping sauces? Probably! Let’s talk about that, one of the wildest getting lost while drunk stories, why making fun of your kids is good for them, a cop that hulked up and lifted a flipped vehicle by himself, and more…

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Is We Dumb? | Bathtub. Alpaca. Helium. Heelys.

Have you ever wished you could put the ashes of a deceased loved one inside a vibrator so you could screw yourself with it? Yikes. Let’s talk about that, why in the hell bathtubs are so short, nearly blowing up a gas station trying to kill a spider, illegally starting an alpaca farm, and more…

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