Month: September 2021

Is We Dumb? | Coconut. Cereal. Prison. Fish Bomb.

We all remember the time we taped fireworks to a fish and then accidentally blew a hole in our fishing boat, right? Oh, that’s never happened to you? Fine. Let’s talk about that, prolapsing your colon, getting extremely sad over toothpaste, a little tiny camera for your dong, and more on today’s episode of Is…

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Is We Dumb? | Rectum. Silver Medal. Taxi. Puppy Kick.

Always remember, if your friend tells you to shove an eel up your ass to cure constipation… just don’t. Let’s talk about that, drunk idiots in comedy clubs, an amazing olympian who is trying to save a child’s life, every ant in the world wanting to murder you, and more on today’s episode of Is…

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Is We Dumb? | Nipple Clamps. Pulling Teeth. Pens. Dominatrix.

What if you were in a BDSM type relationship, but the dom made the sub only do positive tasks that had nothing to do with sex? Let’s talk about that, a grandma that reads books to kids online, having a little sex with your mom, getting lost returning a rental car, and more on today’s…

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