Is We Dumb? | Play Dead. Blowjob. Machete. Cold Sore.

Have you ever been hired, or hired someone else, to break into your house and gently stroke you with a broom in order to fulfill a sexual fantasy? No? Well, someone did and shit went sideways REALLY quick. Let’s talk about that, lying to your parents about getting a blowie, some bitch named Lori, and…

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Is We Dumb? | Hammer. Cheeseburger. Stephen King. Inflatable Pool.

If we had a dollar for every time our mom got blasted drunk and made us ride in an inflatable pool on top of the car to keep it from blowing off while she drove… we would have exactly zero dollars… because that’s next level stupid. Let’s discuss that, getting super mad at inanimate objects,…

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Is We Dumb? | Official Launch Trailer

*** OFFICIAL 2 EPISODE LAUNCH AUGUST 12TH *** Is We Dumb? is a weekly, comedic podcast where Dan Cummins and Joe Paisley explore some of the worst/best/dumbest content the internet has to offer, and laugh at the possible collapse of society. The number one thing you can do to help us out the gate is…

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