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Is We Dumb? | Artificial Intelligence. Heckle. Sticker. Squeaky Chair.

Did you ever think one could raise over $30,000 for charity simply by delivering pizza out their apartment window? It’s happening. Let’s talk about that, a lady that’s completely oblivious to the sound she is making in a movie theatre, announcing that you “Eat Ass” to everyone around you, heckling your kid’s piano recital, and…

Is We Dumb? | Meat Market. Chemtrails. Anxiety. Canary.

Have you ever been having sex and thought to yourself, “Man… I wish I could use my balls as a dildo.” Yep… now you can! Let’s talk about that, going to jail for egging a cop car, the ugly side of LA culture and the reviews they leave online, high anxiety trying to open plastic…

Is We Dumb? | Dinosaur. Moonwalk. Pressure Washer. Floppy Pilot.

One of the best perks about being a pilot is when mid-flight the windshield explodes and SUCKS YOU OUT OF THE F****ING AIRPLANE!! This. Actually. Happened. Let’s talk about it, some weird eating habits that exist in the world, a hotline you simply scream into, moonwalking everywhere you go forever, and more on today’s episode…

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