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Is We Dumb? | Yard Sale. Escape Room. Snowman. Bony Hotdog.

NEW INDUSTRY ALERT! We all know real looking sex dolls are a thing… but now you can RENT THEM! Let’s talk about how creepy that is, almost getting pelted by a deer while sleeping, getting out of an extremely hard escape room, finding a baby on the subway, and more on today’s episode of Is…

Is We Dumb? | Triceratops. Fork. Asteroid. Stepmom.

FINALLY! Joe’s lifelong quest to find a tangible use for throw pillows is over! And it involves a wiener because of course it does. Let’s talk about that, people that really care about forks, screaming at your wife for being too high, getting gum stuck in your pubes, and more on today’s episode of Is…

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