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Is We Dumb? | Javelin. Cops. Notebook. Oozing.

Do you ever wonder what the Olympics would look like if every athletic was given a ton of LSD before competing in their event? Let’s talk about that, advertisers trying to hack into your brain while you sleep, how stupid self-checkout machines can be, running for your life from the cops that didn’t even know…

Is We Dumb? | Boats. Redneck Rave. Robots. Short Burrito.

Remember that time Dan pissed off an entire fleet of boats on the lake that then proceeded to chase him, Joe, and the rest of his family all the way back to the dock, throwing bottled water at them along the way? Let’s talk about that, a full-blown rescue mission of a rubber sex doll,…

Is We Dumb? | Spanking. Pontytail. Seat Belt. Taxes.

#GapingWithGod That’s all. New episodes every Wednesday at 12pm PST Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/eVo1QiQjk1I Show Links: Bike Seat Belt | https://amzn.to/3kb6IDX Boa Yawn | https://bit.ly/3B5kluL Suggestions for segment content:dumb@iswedumb.com Anything else:info@iswedumb.com All Merch Inquiries:store@badmagicproductions.com Merch:http://badmagicmerch.com IG:https://instagram.com/iswedumb FB:https://facebook.com/iswedumb BadMagic YouTube:http://youtube.com/badmagicproductions Official Website:http://iswedumb.com Threads:http://badmagicmerch.com Custom Music Beds byZach Cohen Fan Mail: Is We Dumb? PO…

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